Facetime Presentations:

Founded by Audrey Yates, Facetime is a virtual Digital Marketing Agency that develops SEO-responsive website designs, search engine marketing and social media marketing campaigns including Google Adwords. 

About Audrey Yates

One part of Audrey is a pioneer who is a practitioner of data-driven marketing to measure digital campaigns for accountability.   The other half is a curious and passionate learner who enjoys collaborating with talented creatives. 

When a project arises, Audrey's drive for authenticity and know-how compels her to seek out and recruit professionals who are both experienced and highly trained in their craft. Project members are recruited from various disciplines whether it is SEO-responsive web design and or online advertising and or search performance and or creative design, etc. 

Facetime's virtual teams are extremely agile, can turn on a dime and are known for delivering proven results. All of us work from live-work studios, so our fees are attractive and exclude the large administrative and capital-intense overhead of typical advertising agencies. Together, we all enjoy communicating online with another, being efficient and impacting a client's sales in a big and positive way. At Facetime Presentations, the Marketing Team is focused and ready to turn search and social marketing tools into successful business strategies to find you more Customers to grow the business!


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audrey yates google adwords certified

Audrey's the hands-on planner who starts the ball rolling, mapping strategy and coordinating digital materials between collaborators and clients.

Prior to launching Facetime, Audrey was a marketing consultant and also worked as a senior manager in media buying for Labatt Breweries and large advertising agencies such as Initiative Media (MacLaren McCann) and J. Walter Thompson.

Audrey orchestrates the Facetime Presentations’ Clients’ websites’ Googles Adwords’, Facebook campaigns and other on-line marketing initiatives. Read more about Google AdWords campaigns.

As a virtual team, we get the job done on time, on target and on budget.We invite you to contact us to find out how we can best serve being your Digital Marketing Specialist and build an effective web presence.Call (416) 558 5358 for Audrey at FACETIME PRESENTATIONS |audrey.yates@facetimepresentations.com |

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