Put a face to the business. We increase the % of your website visitors who become Customers. We take your website from one of the crowd to the top of the pile with creative web design, search and social marketing programs. 

As is common knowledge Google is the giant in online search: Approximately 67% market share for PCs and 83% market share for Mobile. Once we either build a fresh new website or refine an existing website to achieve optimum performance, Facetime Presentations, concentrates on tapping into the added Google value in terms of attaining maximum marketing reach and exposure.

As an example Adwords campaigns are monitored frequently, e.g. on a weekly basis: The online marketing campaigns are not put “on auto-pilot” since one only pays for keywords and ads that perform. With a strong history of Media Buying (dating back to pre-Internet Marketing), we are one of the Digital Marketing Specialists who successfully made the transition from pre-Internet Marketing to Google Partner status.  Our skills honed return dividends for Clients: e.g.  the ability to remove keywords, ads and specific websites or blogs that are not performing. All adjustments to your Adwords campaign are historically tracked as a demonstration of our accountability to you.  

Google Analytics is used to measure website traffic for ongoing strategy development. Reports from Google Analytics provide a real time, feedback loop on the performance of your website, search and social campaigns. The myriad of information that is available can be confusing to someone who doesn’t specialise / specialize in and thus understand how the Google Marketing System works.

At Facetime Presentations we turn search and social marketing tools into successful business strategies so that at the end of the day, we can measure and stay true to the mission of finding more Customers to grow the business!

We invite you to contact us to find out how we can best serve being your Digital Marketing Specialist with a cost-efficient web presence.