Search & Social Marketing

Digital Marketing: We create search engine marketing and social marketing plans for business and organisations. The digital planning process starts with a genuine need to understand how the business operates. We actively listen and discuss the business goals and priorities before presenting the digital strategy / digital strategies. We’ll study the industry including the competition before presenting the recommended marketing tactics. Once we have a grip on the desired goals and best understand your marketing needs a proposal and campaign utilising such tactics as a paid search and social marketing strategy, unique for your business, will be identified.

Google’s decision to assign a ranking priority to responsive design websites reinforces what we have been expressing here for many years now. It starts with your mobile adaptive website as the hub and decision centre that converts Visitors to Customers. We have chosen to use the above hub and spokes graphic design to reinforce our creative thinking on how the Internet advertising spokes themselves connect to the website to create awareness of your business.

There is no shortage of internet advertising options to consider:  Google Adwords, Google Places, Facebook boosts, a Wordpress Blog, Email and relevant social media sites: the Media Buy Options are diverse and Facetime Presentations is a Master at helping you to pick the best Media Buys.  If, for example, a  Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Adwords campaign is on the radar, a new responsive landing page and ads are created.   PPC campaign strategies include variables, such as:
- Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns and Video Campaigns 
- Extensive Keywords Strategy + Negative Keyword Strategy
- Daily Budgets Including The Cost-per-click Bidding Strategy
- Geographic Targeting Strategies + Device Strategies
- Remarketing Campaigns
- Time Of Day And Demographics
- Interests Campaigns, Theme Campaigns + Managed Ad Placement Campaigns

At Facetime Presentations we turn search and social marketing tools into successful business strategies so that at the end of each day, we stand true to our mission to find you more Customers to grow your business!

We invite you to contact us to find out how we can best serve being your Digital Marketing Specialists and provide you with Search & Social Marketing Success.