Face Time Presentations - Free BBQ Assembly

Digital Marketing Case Study: A Virtual Team delivers an End to End Digital Solution

The virtual team at Face Time Sales Presentations has launched an end to end digital solution selling barbecues for Pollocks Home Hardware in Toronto. You might ask, how does an end to end digital solution actually work with a virtual team?

Quite simply, an advertiser starts with the end in mind which is a business and digital plan with clearly defined metrics.Once the plan is approved, Face Time’s virtual team rapidly iterates online and delivers on the business goals.

A unique “Free Assembly” promotion is a key component of this year’s plan. A high functioning virtual team, however, is the major driver of communications success. So, what does a high functioning virtual team look like?  Basically team members who are independent, passionate and collaborative.   Each team member chooses to work from where they want.  

The virtual team comprises an experienced digital planner, creative designer and web developer.  Each member has an innate aptitude for communicating, collaborating and coordinating online.  All team members are visual thinkers who see the big picture and are driven to rapidly iterate.

A successful digital solution starts with a trusting and open client relationship.  Together, client and planner work to develop the business plan. Goals are communicated in an online brief to both the designer and developer. A communications brief fleshes out the creative direction of the digital solution.  


The designer, steeped with storytelling skills, paints the big picture idea and generates a multitude of creative iterations. An agile and experienced web developer accesses and integrates the designer’s creative elements into an updated and mobile friendly, relevant website.The web developer trouble shoots technology issues and ensures measurement codes (analytic and remarketing) are placed on the website.  

The digital planner works with Google Adwords and social media sites to create an awareness campaign.Digital awareness drives traffic to various website landing pages where customers can shop Pollocks’ e-commerce catalogs.


In 2015,  Pollocks Home Hardware realized a 3 fold increase in barbecue sales driven by Google Adwords.  The start of the 2016 barbecue season looks promising as well with BBQs being sold daily!


This year’s Google awareness campaign consists of Google search, display and remarketing ads. A cross-over device strategy, using mobile, computers and tablets creates awareness and a radius-targeting strategy has been planned around the retail store.  Google Analytics is monitored to ensure the campaign is working. Metrics such as website visits, new users, bounce rates, avg. page sessions and avg. session duration are routinely monitored for performance.  


Early sales and Google Analytics reports have confirmed that Torontonians are responding to the Ready, Set, Grill & Free BBQ Assembly campaign. The first 2 weeks of the campaign have seen a +300% spike in visitors with over 100 Torontonians visiting Pollocks online store on a daily basis. Time spent shopping the e-commerce pages has noticeable increased. Visits to shop pages are up over +100% and the average time spent shopping online has increased to over 3.0 minutes per visit.

Last year,  Pollocks Home Hardware was tickled pink with their virtual team and end to end digital solution.  We’re planning to keep our client tickled pink in 2016 as well.  Check out Pollocks revamped responsive web design solution at Pollocks Home Hardware.