Why Facetime Presentations + Why Google AdWords?

Facetime Presentations and its associates are accredited and have proven experience with Google Adwords. When you become a Facetime Presentations' client your website will go from being one of the crowd to being found on Google at or near the top of the pile. Being an accredited Google Partner, Facetime Presentations has proven experience in targeted successful Google Adwords marketing. 

Have you ever wondered how a Google Adwords campaign really works?  With Google Adwords one only pays for clicks on ads which lead to your website. You only pay when customers show an interest in the ad.  

A click on your ad leads customers to the website. A new visitor who trusts the website is more likely to become a customer with a call, email or sale.To increase customers, we make sure your website design is professional, credible and MOST IMPORTANTLY trustworthy.





We get you thinking like a national brand but target locally and online.  We target your ads to communities which offer the highest return on your investment.

Running Google Adwords campaign keeps you in lockstep with Customers when they're in the decision-making process.  Your online ad is placed in front of potential customers as they search Google with keywords.  At the same time our advertising message lets you stand out from the crowd and put a face to your business.  

Together, our Google Adwords strategy and advertising expertise convert visits to your website into increased Customers and increased Sales.  We track most everything with Google Analytics.  We keep tabs on where you are growing and why you are growing.   Google Analytics lets us put a finger on the pulse of your website at any moment.

Being a Google Partner, Facetime Presentations is skilled at turning Google's tools into successful strategies for your business.


The cost of your  Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is paid directly to Google with a credit card.
Whereas fees for management, ad creative, websites and landing pages are invoiced separately by Facetime on a monthly, fee-for-service basis.

At Facetime Presentations, the Marketing Team is focused and ready to turn search and social marketing tools including the renowned Google Adwords Campaign into successful business strategies to find you more Customers to grow the business!

We invite you to contact us to find out how we can best serve as your Google Adwords Marketing Specialist.
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