Digital Marketing Case Study: Retail Hardware Store

During 2014, Pollocks Home Hardware realized a 15% increase in sales with niche services realizing an increase of over 60%. 

To help achieve this success Facetime Presentations organized all of Pollocks online and traditional ad needs. Our services ranged from registering a domain name, setting up gmail accounts, developing a responsive/mobile website, several social media sites and a wordpress blog.  Weekly content was developed for their Facebook web presence.  

Several Google Adwords campaigns, both search campaigns and display campaigns, were launched with geographic, radius-based targeting. Google Analytics is used to monitor website traffic extensively. Insight from Google's Adwords reports is analysed / analyzed for mobile, desktop and tablet as well as are the number of clicks to targeted postal code and geographic areas. 

"Facetime Presentations does wonderful digital marketing and social media work that is very precise and on time ".
Leonard McAuley - Owner - Pollocks Home Hardware

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