Do you need a Mobile App to Push Notifications?


Has your organization made a commitment to engage and notify clients, customers or a community with a mobile experience that pushes notifications?   If so, then you may need to invest in a Mobile App.


Smartphone Share of Digital Time 

Currently, US Adults spend over 50% of their digital time with a smartphone device and the vast majority of that time is spent with one major app.    Source: comScore


Time Spent with Mobile Apps - Face Time Sales Presentations

Top Smartphone Apps 


Both  Apple and the Google Play stores have between 2.2 million and 2.8 million apps ready to download.  Of those, Facebook and Google are the dominant apps with locked in real estate positions on most smartphones. Source: Nielsen


Smartphone Apps -  Face Time Sales Presentations


A Direct Marketing or Internal Communications Solution?


The very nature of an app’s position on a mobile phone turns it into a powerful communications tool.  Apps allow any organization to tap a phone’s user and their interests, location and  behaviour plus tap the phone features (ie: camera ,  accelerometer, etc.) for a tailored experience that pushes notifications. 

Mobile apps are rare and cost prohibitive to develop for most small businesses. The largest share of app development time is built by gamers followed by business, education and lifestyle.  As such,  apps are typically the domain of large enterprises, government agencies or media-entertainment outlets. These organizations have made a commitment to execute marketing promotions (ie: loyalty programs, etc.) or alternatively offer employees deeper relationships, process improvement tools and training programs.

At a consumer level, apps can boost repeat mobile visits and permit a wide variety of online transactions, including the use of loyalty cards, push promotions/coupons and increased e-commerce transactions.  Apps can earn revenue as well by either charging users a small amount of money to use the app, charging for premium features or simply selling ad space.

There are no shortage of business-to-business ideas for apps either.  Whether you’re a medical clinic collaborating around medical reports, a school sharing performance reports or a bank employee taking training, a well thought out business case needs to exist before a business  should invest in an app.

Apps are noticeable more expensive that a responsive or mobile website due to the multitude of phone manufacturers and screens requiring development effort.  Development hours can be significant and an App investment of between $40.0k to $50.0K is realistic.

If you are serious about bringing an app to market  then you will also need to evaluate the cost of marketing and advertising, ongoing tech support and human resources.

Designed for each specific phone, here is what you need to consider when you’re determining the cost of building an app:

  • Complexities -  type of app, server and 3rd party integrations
  • App features

  • Human resources

  • iOS vs. android development

Due to the amount of planning required to build an app, it’s essential to both vet and only hire top-notch developers who are well educated with up-to-date training and established project management policies that are secure.  If you're developing an app you’ll need to guard against having your project re-distributed amongst a loose knit group of developers with no commitment to each other or ongoing support for app updates over the long-term!

If you're seriously thinking about a Mobile App then Face Time Sales Presentations’ has a vetted team of fully competent, highly educated and trained developers who are conversant with all programming languages. Together,  we have the organizational, planning and interpersonal skills to develop your mobile app, on time and on budget!   

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