Mainstream Leasing

The latest digital marketing campaign from Facetime Presentations is a new website, Google Ad and Email marketing campaign for Mainstream Leasing.

The campaign was designed from the ground up with a new logo, copy line,  original photography , audio storytelling and an email story for existing clients and vendors.

 A virtual team comprising a planner, graphic designer/photographer, web developer and google adwords specialist were retained for the project.



Do you have a Digital Go-getter?


The biggest need in business to-day is proven TALENT in the marketing - technology space to implement a digital vision. 

Does your business have a hired gun with lots of experience and a multitude of digital solutions who can seamlessly work with everyone in your organization? 

Face Time Presentations is run by Go-getters who know how to access the right research, resources and business acumen to build or repair your digital foundation. Further to building a solid web foundation, we target the right audiences for your business with campaigns that get you more customers. 

As Go-getters, we're committed to training your in-house team by transferring our digital know-how so that it stays in-house. At the end of the day, your business keeps growing and your digital knowledge is locked in-house.

If you need to take control of your digital marketing, our digital go-getters can HELP. Our clients are tickled pink with our know-how solutions and will gladly provide testimonials. 

Let's do-digital-together. Here's what we do:











Is your Digital Strategy Holistic?

Regardless of the size of your business, having the right digital marketing team in place to execute your business vision, with success, is to-day’s most in-demand marketing priority.

As surveyed by CMO, Chief Marketing Officers have confirmed that website design, interaction and conversion is the #1 area having the biggest impact on revenue generation.

Finding a trusted digital team with business acumen, design-artistry and a techno savvy aptitude who work well together is the marketing talent and skill in demand to-day.

To bring your vision to fruition your team needs to be on-side with your plans from the start, firstly developing your website and then your digital campaigns.  

The cost of entry of  any marketing relationship is a helpful, handy and reachable team.  More important and currently in demand is a team who can develop business-marketing strategy, adopt non-traditional thinking and assume accountability for digital growth.  

Do you have the right metrics in place?   

To-day’s business centric model is all about clear business metrics versus yesteryear’s brand centric benchmarks of awareness, recognition and advocacy.  

Real time metrics means your team gathers customer insight in real time, are competent with analyzing data and open to sharing intelligence so that business goals are achieved.

Knowing and understanding both your business metrics and website’s metrics is essential.  Your website’s metrics are a built-in relevancy gage which allow google analytics to flag google adwords on the quality of your site and campaign.  

Your website feeds google data about your site’s relevancy and quality for all searches to your website.

Why Holistic Content is important?

Holistic website content is content that is perfectly aligned to a user’s search intent.  

These days, 82% of shoppers research online before they buy and according to Google,  customers make between 2 to 4 website visits before a purchase with less than 4% converting on the first visit.

Planning a holistic content approach will increase website users and conversions  whether it’s a call, email or actual purchase.  High quality website content means strong user behavior with high click-through-rates, increased time spent and low bounce rates.

When your next project requires a holistic digital strategy check out Face Time Sales Presentations recent work with Robinsons Home Hardware.