Digital Marketing Case Study: Affordable Mobile Product Catalogs 

These days your customers start shopping by googling first, especially when they are on mobile and on the go.  Once a customer has shopped various product catalogs, a final decision to shop in-store may be a reality, especially for certain product categories and demographics.  

Perhaps your customers enjoy browsing and the out-of-home shopping experience.  They may like to feel and see merchandise or the price of the item is too small to warrant shipping costs.  Maybe they simply want an adventure in shopping “Local”,  getting to know new neighbourhoods,  merchants and their products.

If you’re a local merchant with a need to invest in an online store, we have a mobile product catalog solution that is affordable and proven to increase sales.  We help you reach mobile shoppers with custom designed, mobile friendly catalogs.  You get all the benefits of reaching your customers online and searching without the expense of an ecommerce site. We ensure your customers find you in Google Maps, then call, visit your store, browse and make a purchase or two while they're in-store.

Our mobile catalog websites are affordable for brick and mortar retailers or even home based businesses who take phone orders and emails.  We design great looking retail sites so you get noticed with lots of page and product visits.  New visitors to your site get a strong sense of your store's look and feel.  If you don’t want the expense and shipping effort associated with  an e-commerce site but need to reach mobile shoppers then our mobile - catalogs are your answer.

Our recent design for the Pirates Thrift Boutique works on any mobile, tablet or desktop device.   This website provides retailers with the flexibility to quickly add and change product listings.  Most importantly, it lets you post your product message on your social media pages whether its Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.  

Product catalogs for the Pirates’ new website exclude the expense of a complicated shopping cart, SSL certificate or credit card configurations.  The Pirates' low-cost website was fast to set-up and it's easy to use. His boutique’s  “look and feel”  home page is authentic and replicates the actual store location.

From a search perspective, we make sure that your store is verified with Google my business, located on Google Maps and has Google Analytics installed to track visitors.  Each catalog and product page is tagged and optimized for strong search results.

What more can we say.  Our websites work!  They deliver traffic, calls, visits and more sales to your retail store.  Most importantly,  it’s super easy to share any of your products to any social media site.   We can even help you buy social and search campaigns when you need more awareness and sales.  And at the right time,  when you have a need for a mail-order catalog,  we have the experience to build an ecommerce site too!.

Our proven content management system delivers peak performance for retailers at a very affordable price.   Call to-day for a consultation.  


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