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A Content Management System Website (CMS) for Dummies

If your business has a need to be both hands-on with your website updates and mobile friendly, than Facetime Presentations has a content management system (CMS) for you. 

FaceTime Presentations was retained by Sage Rehabilitation and Management Consulting to convert what were three long-scrolling web pages into a mobile friendly site which is focused around clearly defined services.  Each service was allocated a standalone page to improve communications and organic search engine performance.  Sandra Preeper, owner of Sage, called her new website a “CMS for Dummies”. 

The Sage Consultancy comprises a team of 4 associates and an administrative assistant.  As Sage’s practice grows, Sandra now has the in-house ability to quickly communicate updates about her services and news about associates without any additional website costs.  The look and feel of Sage’s website was also refreshed to communicate an uplifting and positive journey for clients who are working through rehabilitation counselling and occupational therapy.

Each of the sites’ 17 primary pages has been optimized for search engines (SEO) with a Page Title and a Page Description that reflects keywords and messaging for each specific page.  This means that Sandra’s website is automatically indexed with search engines.  Prospective clients, searching related keywords to Sage's services have the opportunity to be reached organically by search engines. 

A Google Analytics tracking tag was built into each page of the site to track visitors.  On a periodic basis, Google Analytical reports and key visitor metrics will be shared with Sage such as time spent on site, bounce rates and the of  average pages visits. 

In summary, Sage's website has been refreshed to be modern, mobile friendly and easy to update by its owner. If you have a need for your CMS website to be easy to update and mobile savvy than give FaceTime Presentations a call at 647-340-0069.


"My website is a CMS for Dummies" 
Sandra Preeper - Owner of Sage Rehabilitation & Management Consulting Inc.

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