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Why is Responsive Web Design such a BIG DEAL?

Facetime Presentations is a Toronto responsive web design developer and digital marketing consultant. A responsive Web Design is a critical digital strategy for any business, large or small, as it gets you found, keeps your customers on site, and prepares your business for the future.

And Google agrees.

Be Findable

Google rewards sites that are built for multi-device support with better search engine rankings. A Responsive Web Design performs better, offers a better overall user experience, and the world’s most popular search engine likes up-to-date technology.


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Save Money AND Engage Your Visitors


The Responsive Web Design uses a single URL vs. a separate URL for a mobile version. You’ll only have one site to manage and update, saving you time and money over the long-term.

With no more pinching or zooming you’ll create a better user experience and keep clients on your website for a longer period of time. That factor alone increases the likelihood of conversion to sales.

  • Conversion rates are 8% higher with responsive designs and brand awareness, up to 34.7% higher.    



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Stay On Top 

With a Responsive Web Design you’ll be ready when new devices hit the market because responsive design is scalable.

The Responsive Web Design is a unique approach to publishing content that adapts to the device being used.

It also positions you well for future innovations as it’s pliable and scalable.  This means your website may one day be viewed on a fridge and you’ll continue to hold your Google rank.

The Future is Mobile

55% of all website traffic is from mobile devices and 55% of all social media consumption happens on mobile.  A responsive mobile site makes all the difference.

You Gotta be Fast AND Attractive

A rule-of-thumb for today’s web user is that businesses have approximately 7 seconds to capture a consumer’s attention. Our attention spans are short! With the right design we can get your website to load fast in under 7 seconds. Research proves it: take too long to load and you’ve lost almost 40% user engagement.

Consumers overwhelmingly agree that they prefer a well designed site to a simple, plain version. And Facetime Sales Presentations is a design and responsiveness expert.

(Statistics are from

If you don’t have a responsive web design, don’t wait for your Google rank to plummet further.   Call Audrey Yates at Face Time Sales Presentations to secure your business future.   

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