Social Media

Share information and build lasting relationships

In a short period of time, social media have become one of the most powerful sources of news and information sharing in the world, with an estimated 1.2 billion users.
People and businesses are using social media to tell their stories and build their brand, whether through text postings, blogs, photos, videos and discussion groups. Or perhaps webinars, podcasts, promotions, contests and surveys. It's a great way to build an online following with relative ease and affordability.
These impressive facts lead to one simple question: Are you using social media to grow your business?
If not, Facetime can help you establish a social media presence. We create social media sites on which you and others can post information relevant to your business, right up to more comprehensive promotional campaigns.
The social media services we provide include:
  • Strategy development
  • Choosing appropriate social media
  • Creating social media sites and promotions
  • Generating ongoing social media content
  • Developing promotional campaigns
  • Social media advertising and analytics
Facetime gives you a social media presence that allows you to reach your audience, share information and build lasting relationships. 

The world's top 10 

The world's top 10 social media and their registered users.

  1. Facebook - 1,000,000,000
  2. Twitter - 500,000,000
  3. Google+ - 400,000,000
  4. Weibo - 300,000,000
  5. RenRen - 250,000,000
  6. Linkedin - 175,000,000
  7. Badoo - 150,000,000
  8. Instagram - 100,000,000
  9. Yelp - 84,000,000
  10. Tumblr - 81,000,000
Source: Silverpop, Nov. 15, 2012