Digital Marketing Case Study: Retail Barbecue Store

In 2015, an e-commerce website was launched for Pollocks Barbecues resulting in a 3 fold or 200% increase in barbecue sales during the first half of the year.

The website was launched by a virtual marketing team comprising a digital strategist, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, web-developer and google advertising strategist. 

The Wordpress e-commerce website is state-of-the-art with Jupiter and Woo-Commerce templates.  Ssl security was enabled on a secure server with Stripe, PayPal and direct payment offered as payment options. The website's shopping cart  and content management system offered 87 products from dealers such as Weber, Broil King, Lynx and Big Green Egg.

Several Google Adwords campaigns were developed to build awareness of the online and retail barbecue store. A mix of Google text ads, google display ads, google re-marketing ads and google dynamic shopping ads drove traffic to the website. During the 13.5 week campaign period, Google Analytics confirmed over 11,000 Greater Toronto Area visitors or 115 GTA visitors on average per day.  Visitors liked the quality design and easy of navigation with the website.  There was a low website bounce rate of only 10% . Meaning that 90% of Visitors interacted with the home page,  visited 5.7 pages and spent 1.22 minutes on average on the website.

In addition to the Google Display campaign, Facebook was used to increase reach with images of barbecue deliveries, a blog and a Father's Day promotional offer.  Community newspaper and community movie theater ads were purchased as local support in the immediate vicinity of the retail store. 

There was a positive response to the professional website and shopping cart /catalog with strong customer sales on-line, in-store and over the phone sales.

" We are tickled pink with the campaign's performance" 
Len McAuley - Owner of Pollocks Barbecues








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