To spur growth, every company needs a leader who is both marketing strategist and digital practitioner. Audrey embodies each. As the visionary behind a strong team of digital marketers, she delivers holistic campaigns, from inspiration to launch.

Audrey has masterminded over 100 targeted campaigns, both traditional and digital. She has worked with businesses of every size and from every sector. Her digital know-how is built on a solid foundation of traditional media analysis, targeting, purchasing and data science to analyze results.

A  series of focused questions quickly brings her to the heart of the issue. From there, she communicates a strong digital and visual vision to her clients.  All plans are built on tested, data-backed concepts enhanced by original inspiration. Authentically creative, they spring from a deep understanding of people, culture, and digital channels.

In all her endeavours, both business and personal, Audrey embraces a growth mindset. Nature is an unfailing source of refreshment and inspiration, which she brings back to a company's table. Local theatre, art galleries, book clubs, and jazz festivals all keep her attuned to the zeitgeist: no experience or knowledge is wasted. This unbeatable combination of strategic thinking, attention to detail, and deeply sourced creativity is what sets her apart -- and will set you apart too.