Digital Marketing Case Study: Robinson Home Hardware

Case Studies
In 2017, a new website was created for Robinson Home Hardware that maintained the integrity of their dealer franchise while reinforcing their marine supply service.

Robinson Home Hardware is an established Home Hardware store that has been operating in Barrie since 1923.

There most recent location,  beyond the downtown core required a new website to increase awareness of their location and to communicate a specialty service in "Marine Supplies".

A new website was created that maintained the integrity of their Home Hardware dealer franchise while reinforcing their marine supply service.

In 2017,  they received over 1600 Barrie visitors to their website , 530 new visitors from Toronto plus additional traffic from surrounding markets. 

For both Toronto and Barrie,  visitors engaged with their website for at least one minute and visited at least 2 pages of the website.

Robinson Home Hardware is very pleased with the additional growth they have realized in sales particularly for their Marine Supply service. 

Serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada and the world from along Toronto’s Waterfront at 2531 Lake Shore Blvd. West in Toronto