Today's digital sweet spot is Marketing Automation

June 3, 2020
To-day the green spot with digital marketing is marketing automation which means emails and a built-in customer relationship management (CRM) system to track the life of your leads.

The most trustful and effective digital tactic for capturing leads to-day is an affordable marketing automation solution and a team with exceptional planning, organizational and problem-solving skills.

We resell a robust and extremely affordable marketing automation system comprising an all in one CRM + email + analytics solution.  For our clients, we organize your data, integrate systems and create monthly communications' plans with emails and social media posts.

Our marketing automation system is highly affordable and an alternative system to the more expensive and heavy weight systems such as Marketo, Saleforce and Hubspot.  If you're finding the big, enterprise system just too expensive and limited in their agility for rapid response, than it maybe time to re-think your marketing automation options. Our system lets you invest more of your digital spend behind working digital content and less on subscriber fees for tools.  

There is no question that for a small businesses, the # 1 digital priority is an all-in-one CRM (contact relationship management) and marketing automation system. If by chance you are currently managing your client relationships with spreadsheets than the "time to value exchange" may be right for a fresh marketing approach, a digital marketing consultant and a marketing automation system.

We start by helping you to build a CRM system that manages the life of each of your leads. Once your contact information is organized, we help you by creating content and campaigns which generate trust and awareness for your products or services.

Results from your email and social media campaigns are tracked, on the same platform, and the most effective campaigns identified. Leads are automatically pushed into the CRM where they are permanently captured. 

Let's catch up on to-day's # 1 digital marketing priority with a demonstration of the system.

Safe Travels ... Audrey.

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