Here’s how to bridge your eCommerce business with a vision? 

May 11, 2022
When creating business relationships, whether online or in person, it all comes down to trust. And having a great website experience means you communicate a high level of trust to first time visitors to your website.

Here’s how to bridge your eCommerce business with a vision? 

In eCommerce today,  if you want to go fast and far you’ll need a talented and savvy business team who can work remotely with a shared vision to achieve positive outcomes.

Together with an experienced developer team,  the home repair services offered by Pollocks Home Hardware and their eComm barbecue website have been totally refreshed to improve the search performance for both of these sites.

As a lean team,  we offered a clear vision and priority to improve the overall design and navigation in order to be easily found by the search engines. You see,  having prospective customers find you via an organic search means you connect with visitors who have a genuine interest and strong intention to buy the services and products on your sites.

The site has 5 key brands and over 130 products with sales support provided by Pollocks Home Hardware’s brick and mortar location in Toronto.  Key improvements to the sites included:

  • Custom designed templates for various repair services and manufacturer brand pages on the wordpress & woocommerce platform. 
  • For the shopping cart, a significantly improved user interface and shopping experience with back buttons,  price & product filters, related products listed for upsell and cross sell opportunities, a search bar and mobile radio buttons added.
  • The latest in bootstrap design components for optimum mobile responsiveness.  
  • Best practice technical SEO guidelines, along with ongoing on-page & off-page optimization plus blogging, emails and social media posts activity.
  • A turbo performance hosting environment setup that is up to 20X faster and contributes to lowering your bounce rate, improved conversions and ultimately the bottom line. 


When creating business relationships,  whether online or in person,  it all comes down to trust.  And having a great website experience means Pollocks is able to  communicate a high level of trust to first time visitors to their website.  Early outcomes confirm an increase in calls and online sales.

These days,  in order to stay compliant with search requirements,  refresh cycles for service based websites or serious eComm sites are becoming shorter and shorter.  For larger enterprises, refresh cycles are moving to every 2 years from every 3 to 5 years.

For your next website refresh, it is essential to have a trusted digital account manager and development team on board.  Together we offer clarity, competency and business maturity when bridging the many digital divides between old and new designs, platforms, servers and systems.   

Take a look-see and let us know what you think.

Audrey Yates

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