Case Studies

Any digital marketing or communications' system is only as good as the people who lead, manage and create content for the system.  

As a digital practitioner,  Audrey has expertise in remotely leading and collaborating with a diverse teams of talented web developers and creative designers and communication specialists. Together we build secure, mobile first marketing and communications systems.

When a project arises, Audrey's drive for authenticity and know-how compels her to seek out and recruit professionals who are both experienced and highly trained craftspeople in their profession.

Project members are recruited from various disciplines whether it is web developers, including custom code developers, accredited graphic designers, email, google ad and social media specialists or proven copywriters.

Each of the following case studies is a collaborative effort with a team of web developers and creatives with long-standing relationships.

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Collaborator Testimonials:  

"Audrey is a pleasure to work with, a big picture thinker and a superb project manager. We have collaborated on multiple successful projects over the last 15 years. She brings her large corporation training and discipline to projects big and small. I highly recommend Audrey!"

Rob Fullerton - Datascapes Web Design

"Audrey is a professional through and through. I've had the pleasure of working with her on a number of projects and every time she has communicated and collaborated extremely effectively with tremendous flexibility to all project members."

Dun Kaufman - Kaufman Group