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About Webflow


FaceTime Presentations works with a mix of web systems, however, of late we have embraced Webflow as the future of Content + Design for websites.

Webflow places an emphasis on content first,  followed by design and how to best present.

It is an alternative website system to wordpress and provides simple on-page editing including free secure socket layers (SSL).  

Webflow’s editing capabilities are phenomenal and allow users to be ACTIVE content publishers on their websites with easy re-posts to social media pages.

Users log into what looks like their website and can edit right there, to see immediately how changes affect the site's appearance.

You update copy and pictures automatically on the same page that is front-facing to the public.  Never again will you get lost in the back-end of a web system when publishing and viewing changes. You are literally editing and instantly publishing on the same page of your website as the one that everyone sees.

Most importantly, you have total flexibility to integrate any custom design.  You are not dependent on selecting a common template that is used by many. For many businesses, video is rapidly on the ascent as a communications strategy and Webflow handles video brillantly too.

Webflow includes customizable SEO settings in terms of meta tags, descriptions and url extensions. With Webflow, we make sure you get searched and indexed on Google's search engines by completing a meta title, meta description for each of your website's pages and we submit a site map for Google to search.

Other features include flexibility to allow collaborators to work on your site,  an ability to capture "form" responses in a permanent database and your Webflow website is backed up constantly for maximum security.

“The benefit of webflow is that it allows design to be shaped by the content, instead of trying to shoehorn the content into the visual style after the fact. And since the vast majority of websites exist to present content that drives action, this approach places the emphasis where it should be: on the content and how best to present it.”  Webflow's John Moore-Williams

Send us a text (416-558-5358) or email (audrey.yates@facetimepresentations) and I'll share our latest Webflow sites with you. 

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