A professional services website which has been revitalized so that it is mobile first and secure when transferring documents and contact information.

A Revitalized & Secure Mobile First Website.

Sage Rehabilitation & Occupational Therapy had a need to offer their customers and clients a secure approach for sharing documents and contact information.

And it was timely to revitalize their website to address Google's security requirements for websites to be secure with a https: protocol.

To address these security needs, Sage invested in a revitalized and mobile first https: website.  The website was designed by Facetime Presentations and hosted on Sage's account with Webflow.  

Their website's re-design included the owner's own local photography and artwork.  A SecureDocs account integrates into the website's navigation bar to ensure ease of access for clients.

With this revitalization, Sage has their own Webflow hosted account which comes with a secure socket layer or SSL.  Now, when customers or clients contact Sage through their website there is 100% confidence that any transferred information is secure because of the https: protocol and SecureDocs.  

Sage's investment in a revitalized and secure mobile first website has been a smart plan that protects their business communications.

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