Pollocks BBQs Woocommerce Retail Marketing RELAUNCH

March 29, 2019
If you have a retail website business and use woocommerce to grow sales, it may be timely to revisit your business strategy, communications message and digital ad campaigns behind your e-commerce store.

Are you seeing the big picture and doing the digital details?

For Spring 2019,  Facetime Presentations effectively managed a distributed team of experts on the re-positioning of Pollocks BBQs with a competitive "No Hassle" service offer.

If you have an online retail business it may be timely to revisit your business strategy, communications message, web system and the digital ad campaigns that guide your business.

In an age of hyper digital change,  finding the right digital team of talented people who can both grasp and efficiently manage all of the details pertaining to strategy, web systems and creative is a dream team for any owner.

Fundamental to the success of a business is critical thinking skills and the creation of a plan that connects the dots and moves a business forward.

And for online businesses,  it  can be virtually impossible to automate marketing programs which require imagination, creative analysis and strategic thinking.  Talent is, and will always be, everything!

For an online store,  driving sales is a priority.  Successful business owners  and their marketing teams, whether on-site or off-site,  need to constantly re-visit their product mix, communication message, digital web system and media buys in order to steadily growing sales.

For Pollocks BBQs, a distributed team of experts,  comprising a planner/ coordinator, creative designer/photographer, wordpress developer and google specialist were retained to re-design and create a digital ad campaign with a competitive service offer that has driven sales.

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