Remote Work - Boom or Bust?

October 18, 2023
Mentoring digital specialists who are working remotely will not only increase their job satisfaction but also develop quality contributors and success for your customer.

It is an understatement to say that remote work is today’s most  popular work model.  According to Forbes magazine,  by 2025 it estimated that 32.6 million Americans will work remotely. 

With 39% of the 24-35 age group working remotely on a full-time basis, it is fundamental for a business to mentor, motivate and retain its remote workers for customer success.

When you hire an experienced customer-success manager, with practical leadership skills, you ensure that the needs of your remote workers are being met.  This means that employee challenges are identified in advance and solutions proactively pursued without costly employee turnover problems.   

You see, understanding people is foundational for any business to succeed.  If an organization doesn’t learn how to manage remote employees, then their remote workers are bound to take their skills and expertise elsewhere.  

The values which are most important  to remote workers today are communications, trust and empathy.

Ultra-Clear Communications

One can never be too clear in communications in order to stay connected to remote workers.  

Agreeing on when and how communication tools are to be used - video, chat, email, screen-sharing or  phone - goes a long way to eliminating remote worker perceptions of micro-management, feelings of isolation and the possibility of leaving a firm.

The clearer the communications, across all channels, the greater the team spirit and connectedness that is fostered.


In general, there is less managerial oversight when working on remote projects and therefore a greater need for trust with team members.  

Each team member must take ownership and accountability for their remote work contribution while holding other team members to a higher standard of work. 

Rather than micro-managing, the act of mentoring and encouraging team members to take initiative is required when working remotely.  


One is not born with empathy; it is learned through hard-earned experience.  When a manager values empathy, it means a remote worker is comfortable sharing personal or professional issues.  Personnel issues can be efficiently addressed in advance to avoid problems that will derail customer success.  

Ultimately,  empathy enables a customer-success manager to keep an eye on the short-term and the long-term as well as the health of team members, while creating success for the customer. 

In summary, mentoring digital team members who are working remotely will not only increase their job satisfaction but also develop quality contributors and success for your customers.

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