West Side Cycle Webflow Transition & Re-Design

October 30, 2018

In the Fall of 2018, it was timely for West Side Cycle (WSC) to consider a website re-launch and transition to the Webflow system and comply with Google's requirement for websites to be secure with a SSL certificate (ie: https).  

West Side Cycle's website had not been updated for many years and it was timely to refresh the site's look and feel with new photography and design on the Webflow system.

Previously created website digital assets and navigation elements were maintained such as logo, color scheme and map placement. A strong call-to-action phone number with high visibility was placed on every page for easy access by mobile users.

Aside from changing platforms, the biggest change was the site' navigation which was improved and streamlined so that sales and service were clearly separated. Each sales line has a dedicated page that has been search engine optimized around Bikes, Accessories,Trailers and Child Carriers.

The Webflow system provides image flexibility with images differing between desktop versus mobile .

The footer has been significantly improved and a simply contact form built into the footer on all pages. All form inquires are archived within the Webflow system and can be quickly accessed.

William is pleased that control of his domain name and Webflow hosted website are under his own account name and he is ultimately in control of his on-line assets.

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